Power Mover- Safe, Ergonomic and Economical

A Load Mover is a self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind power mover that aids production personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial environment. It is a tool used to offset the physical strain that is felt by an operator in pushing or pulling loads that personnel experience in a work place environment.


Industrial and Manufacturing:  Load Mover provides a safe, effective and economical method for moving material in a manufacturing or industrial setting.

Ware House Tugs:  Load Mover can be a better material handling system than forklifts. It is easy to maneuver and requires minimal maintenance.

Dumpster Mover: The dumpster mover can move product up and down ramps while maintaining safe control.

Shop Floor Material Handling:  Load Mover is ideal form moving parts between work cells and to and from inventory.

Equipment Mover:  Ideal for safely moving heavy equipment or machinery in a variety of industries including agriculture, construction, mining and heavy machining.

Cart Tuggers:  Ideal for pulling or pushing carts in a variety of environments. This can include something as common as manufacturing or as specialized as the gaming/entertainment industry.

Loading Dock Tugs:  Load Movers ability to maneuver in small spaces and easily move up and down ramps makes it ideal for loading docks.

Custom Applications:  A Load Mover can be customized to meet your specific material handling needs.