5 Tips for Super-Efficient Picking

posted on: Friday June 24, 2016

08-abouta_1Take a moment to consider the ease and speed of your picking process. Could it be more efficient? For most, the answer is “yes.” Think about how SKUs are organized. Note the equipment you’re using, where it’s stored, and who can operate it. Estimate how long it takes for pickers to move product. What takes the most time to accomplish, and are there ways you could expedite those tasks? Here are five ways to help you establish better efficiency in picking:

  1. Categorize Orders and Slot Together. You’re always going to have orders that you sell more of, whether it’s year-round or seasonal. Note what products are most popular, and group them together. The products that make up the majority of your orders should have their own space near the front for easy access. Group your seasonal orders together, and reorganize storage as necessary.
  1. Put Software to Work for you. Along with grouping orders, software can make a tremendous difference in the time it takes to locate products and execute fulfillment. Software can sequence your orders by pick path, batch single lines and same-zone orders, and more. An organized workflow saves a lot of time.
  1. Assess your Storage Containers for Optimal Accessibility. Bin shelving works best for slow-moving items, whereas cartons or pallets are more appropriate for fast-moving SKUs. Designating the proper storage equipment will maximize both your storage space and picker productivity.
  1. Limit Shipping Cartons to a Few Options. You can add some custom sizes if need be, but the fewer the choices for boxes, the faster pickers can put orders together. It can also optimize your freight expenses pick path.
  1. Incorporate Equipment that Supports Efficiency. You may be surprised by how much speed and accuracy equipment can bring to your process, even when you’re not automating. Pickers spend about 60% of their day walking and moving product.  Incorporating something like a power tug would increase the amount one person can move in one trip, and it would minimize the fatigue that employee feels throughout the shift.

Improving your picking process is good for both your business and your employees. If your pickers fall behind or get worn out during their shifts, using equipment will make a huge difference for you.  Talk to Load Movers Inc. about how a power tug will optimize your picking process: 952-767-1720; info@loadmoverinc.com.