Cargo Tugger

Application description: Ideal for handling cargo, packages, baggage and mail carts in areas where aisle space is restricted and limits the use of other material handling equipment such as forklifts or motorized baggage carts. Facilities that could use a cargo tugger would include distribution centers, shipping docks, airports, mail handling centers and ports. Many of these facilities have the larger, more automated equipment to handle the bulk of their cargo, but these are not practical for smaller loads or for cases where size and space would be too restrictive. A cargo tugger provides an economical, flexible and safe method for handling a variety of cargo.

Recommended Load Mover Product:  While any of the standard Load Mover products can be configured to handle cargo, the Load Mover “Xtra” may be the most versatile in handling the weight requirements while giving the user ultimate flexibility and maneuverability. The Load Mover “Xtra” can handle weights up to 20,000 lbs, and can be adapted with a variety of attachments and features with quick change options that can maximize efficiency.

The battery powered cargo tug has the following features:

  • Designed to minimize ergonomic stress
  • Has a variety of attachments to adapt to many uses
  • Easy to maneuver in tight aisle spaces or narrow loading ramps
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • On-board battery charger
  • Works all day on a single charge
  • Can be customized for unique needs
  • Extremely reliable

Load Movers are safer and more efficient that other products on the market.  Fits any size operator and promotes a comfortable posture.   Material handling in shipping docks and mail handling areas has a large number of reported OSHA recordable injuries, not to mention that many mail and package handling workers are over 50 and more susceptible to injuries caused by pushing, pulling or lifting. Load Movers can significantly reduce risks of operator injury and cargo damage.

See our article on “Solving Safety Issues at the USPS: a Load Mover Reduces Injury Risk” to learn how a Load Mover improved safety for the US’s second largest employer.