Case Study: Electric Tug Improved Productivity 33% for Yarn Manufacturer

posted on: Thursday June 2, 2016

08-abouta_1Autofil is a specialty yarn manufacturer in the United Kingdom that needed to solve some productivity and safety issues. They primarily cater to car seat manufacturers who demand high-quality materials for their products. Autofil is able to stabilize and improve yarn attributes by using autoclaves to apply heat treatments to the yarn. It is in using the autoclaves that the company needed help optimizing the process.

Mike Fisher, Engineering and Safety Manager at Autofil, worked with a UK company that makes electric tugs, MasterMover. He told them:

“Loading the autoclaves is a demanding task which requires the manual maneuvering of heavy industrial trollies. We have been looking to improve our loading methods for some time, not only to advance health and safety but to remove the requirement for operatives to enter the autoclave itself when inserting these trollies.”

By using an electric powered tug, Autofil workers were able to increase the number of trollies they could load into the autoclaves from three at a time to four. Additionally, the equipment prevented the operators from having to enter the autoclave to load. This solution reduced the risks involved with manual handling and created efficiencies in the process, resulting in a 33% increase in productivity.

The tug worked so well that the company also purchased one to replace the manual labor associated with driving a dye pack transporter into the dyehouse. This is a similar application to Load Mover Inc.’s solution for an American company that needed relief from strenuous manual labor.

The purchase of additional tugs is something Load Mover Inc. sees a lot. Cross-functionality is one of the primary benefits of electric powered tugs. When manufacturers see how well the equipment works on one problem, they identify numerous other applications, resulting in the need for more tugs.

Replacing manual labor with a Load Mover spares employees of the physical strain and risk of injury associated with pushing and pulling tasks. It also allows operators to get more done, which increases productivity significantly. If your operation includes strenuous pushing or pulling tasks, it can be dramatically improved with an electric tug. Contact us today to determine what improvements can be made at your facility: 952-767-1720;