Customized Solutions

Application description: Load Mover can be customized for a variety of applications. The video below demonstrates how a custom attachment can transform a standard Load Mover XpressPlus-200 to meet a specific application in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The customer is a manufacturer of vitamins and other dietary supplements.  They blend their recipe in heated stainless steel tanks.  These bulk tanks when filled weigh about 1000 lbs. They are filled in one location and then need to be transported to another location where the liquid is put into single dose gel packs.  These stainless steel bulk tanks have always been maneuvered with two people guiding them from one location to another.  Each tank is too heavy for one person to handle by themselves.  In a high volume production environment the tank movement can happen over 100 times in a day.

Load Mover, Inc. was called to see if there were other options in moving the tanks.  An XpressPlus-200 was recommended along with a custom “Two-leg grab” attachment.  With this proposal and implementation a single operator can grab a tank and go across the manufacturing facility with little physical effort.  The XpressPlus-200 does all the heavy push/pull while the operator does the variable speed thumb control throttle and steering.  By adding a single machine on the production floor extra labor was available to do more productive tasks.