Cut Labor Costs in Manual Material Handling: Trending Products

posted on: Monday March 23, 2015

08-abouta_1There is a trend in manufacturing that the Freedonia Group predicts will continue through 2018, and it aims to reduce labor costs. The trend is an increase in material handling products. The rise in demand for automated equipment reflects both the current and future state of manufacturing.  The faster that technology can innovate manufacturing, the more quickly old systems become archaic. Manufacturers who don’t keep up risk competing with very sophisticated processes that far outreach their own capabilities.

For bigger manufacturers, these changes will revolve around equipment that lend to an automatic warehouse environment. Sales of automated conveyors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and energy-efficient products are all slated to increase over the next few years.

Where automation will be standard for large manufacturers, there are other solutions that small manufacturers are taking advantage of.  There is a rise in demand for cart-pushers, or power tugs, that enable small manufactures to cut a number of costs, especially those related to labor.

A power tug is a compact, robust, and powerful battery-operated unit that can tow up to 50,000 pounds depending on the model. These tuggers have transformed production floors by replacing forklifts, reducing energy costs, decreasing injuries, and cutting labor costs.

Only one person is needed to operate a power tug, and there is no special training required.  Tuggers compensate for Draw-bar Pull, allowing a solitary adult to pull thousands of pounds of material in one trip. Manufacturers optimize the equipment by linking carts together like train cars. One employee can then haul multiple cart-fulls at a time. This benefits the manufacturer in many ways:

  • For pushing and pulling tasks, one person can accomplish the work of multiple people in a fraction of the time
  • The person doing all the pushing/pulling is neither strained nor fatigued. He or she can work at an optimal level longer
  • The risk of injury from pushing/pulling is practically eliminated
  • Power tugs like Load Movers are ergonomically designed so as not to introduce new risks of injury
  • Every worker is qualified to operate the tug
  • The tuggers can maneuver around corners and aisles, making it very practical no matter what or where the application is in the production facility.

For small manufacturers, power tugs are the answer to AGVs. They are energy-efficient as well as compact. They are so versatile that they are the most common substitute for forklifts in the industry. Battery-powered tugs cut labor costs, boost productivity, increase efficiency, and minimize injury. To see how a power tug can benefit you, contact Load Mover Inc. Our experts will determine which model is the best fit for your needs. Call us at 952-767-1720 or email