Dumpster Mover

Application description: Ideal for moving trash containers, bins or dumpsters while maintaining control of the load. Many dumpsters need to be pulled or pushed up and down building ramps and transported outside to curbside or main collection areas. The dumpster mover can move product up and down inclines while maintaining control. This can be used in a variety of industries including hospitals, hotels, office and apartment buildings and factories; anywhere that tends to handle large amounts of trash.

Recommended Load Mover Product:  The dumpster mover is actually a specially configured XpressPlus – 200.  It can pull up to 200 lbs of “Draw-bar pull” and can offset two people pushing the dumpster.  The Load Mover dumpster tug is specially equipped to traverse outdoor conditions including snow and ice. It is battery powered and can run all day on a single charge. Trash containers and dumpsters are heavy and awkward when moving and can put a significant amount of stress and strain on an operator.  Not only does the dumpster mover reduce operator fatigue, but dramatically improves productivity.

Dumpster tugs have the following features:

  • Designed to minimize ergonomic stress
  • Has a variety of attachments to adapt to a lot of uses
  • Easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Maintenance free foam filled tires
  • On-board battery charger
  • Works all day on a single charge
  • Internal weight package for additional traction

Load Movers are safer and more efficient than other products on the market and usually require less maintenance.  Fits any size operator and promotes a comfortable posture.   Transporting heavy dumpsters and trash bins up and down ramps and to the road side is a large safety risk.  Load Movers can significantly reduce risks of operator injury and the use of additional man-power to move the load.

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