Battery Powered Electric Tugs
A Load Mover is a self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind power tug that aids production personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial environment. It is a tool used to offset the physical strain that is felt by an operator in pushing or pulling loads that personnel experience in a work place environment.


  • Ergonomic Handle Assembly
  • 5th Wheel with Electric Actuator
  • Bi-Directional Variable Speed Thumb Control
  • Neutral Throttle Brake
  • Safety Belly Switch
  • Safety Horn
  • Key Switch
  • Tortoise/Hare Function Switch
  • On-Board Battery Charger
  • 24Vdc Power Circuit
    • Sealed Batteries (2) 12vdc
  • Maintenance Free Foam Filled Tires
  • Kill Switch