How to Widen your Manufacturing Candidate Pool

posted on: Monday August 10, 2015

Hiring quality candidates in manufacturing is getting more difficult. Here is the best way to get both brains and brawn in your production.

uspo Load MoverThe simple truth about many manufacturing jobs is that they require muscle. It’s just the nature of the industry that a young, strong male is the perfect fit for these positions. These roles are so physical that managers often compromise where they shouldn’t. They may hire someone physically able to handle the job, but who may not be capable of problem solving and critical thinking. These aspects are becoming more important in this industry. Manufacturing isn’t alone in this, either.

Truck driving has been a male-dominated field largely because of the physical nature of the job. The cargo and the trucks themselves required a lot of muscle and stamina. This work requires planning and attention to detail, especially when it comes to offloading of the product to the customer’s specifications. Delivery vehicles on a route make several stops in a day and each customer has different requirements for the product that they want delivered.

Warehouse workers face the same problem. Employees in the warehouse need to drive forklifts, use pallet jacks and move product, especially in the shipping/receiving areas. The top requirements for this position is physical ability along with a forklift license – training covers the rest of the requirements. Many potential applicants are unfairly disqualified because of their physical abilities.

Of course, it isn’t that strong people aren’t mentally capable of performing these jobs. It’s just that you really shrink the talent pool when you can only hire robust men. Companies today expect employees to do more problem solving. Post-secondary educated men and women of all ages and sizes are valuable to help any business run more efficiently.

So what changes need to be made to widen the candidate pool? Equip smart people with strength equalizers to complete production tasks.

In manufacturing, one of these tools is the battery-powered tugger, or cart pusher. It provides the muscle of pushing/pulling tasks. An operator (of any size) can connect a tugger to a cart filled with product and effortlessly move it to another station. In fact, an operator can pull a train of carts in one trip, all without strain. Tuggers allow one person to move thousands of pounds and multiple loads at a time. These units help minimize the need for forklifts. They also increase production throughput because limited labor is needed to get so much done in so little time.

Electric powered tugs help truck drivers, too, when it comes to loading and unloading cargo. Trucks themselves have evolved to accommodate more types of body types. They’re equipped with better braking and transmission systems that make it easier to drive. Offloading trucks is made easier with hydraulic lifts on the trucks and automated leveling dock plates at the delivery destination. For moving product on and off the truck, however, power tugs can make the job easier. For route deliveries, trucks often times have to park a distance away from the customer’s entry door. The driver also makes multiple trips across the parking lot to deliver a two-wheeled dolly of product. With a large cart that is heavily loaded and the help of an electric powered tug, the entire delivery can be dropped off with a single move. The driver becomes more efficient with less fatigue, and the overall process is safer.

To equip your smart employees with more muscle, contact Load Mover, Inc. We will assess your individual needs to fit you with the unit that is right for your application. As a result, you will increase safety with a smarter process that utilizes the strengths of your individual employees. Call us at 952-767-1720 or email