Manufacturing and Distribution: Safer, Smarter, Stronger

posted on: Thursday May 7, 2015

XtremelargeAnyone who deals with manual material handling is constantly asking questions. How can I make this job easier? How can I make this job safer? How can this job be more productive? How can I save money? How can I retain my top talent?

Seeking answers to these questions is what brings industry professionals to our page. We’ve helped manufacturers and distributors cut costs, improve production efficiencies, and retain employees. Pushing and pulling tasks can create a lot of problems, and we understand the significance of a genuine solution. That’s why we make material handling equipment that is safer, smarter, and stronger.

Safer – Moving loads with a walk-behind unit dramatically decreases accidents and injuries. Pedestrians operating a Load Mover can effortlessly transport heavy loads with complete control. Keeping product on the floor maintains optimal visibility when moving throughout a production or warehouse facility. Our equipment is more maneuverable than other equipment and can work in the same vicinity as other production personnel. Standard features on our units include:

  • Ergonomic, adjustable handle
  • Bi-directional variable speed thumb control
  • Safety “Belly” switch
  • Safety horn
  • Tortoise/hare function switch
  • Maintenance-free, foam-filled tires
  • Automatic engagement of the electro-mechanical brake

Smarter – The intuitive controls make it easy for any operator to learn to use the equipment. The ergonomic design also fits any size operator. One person can move a load that would normally take multiple people away from their jobs to help move. This improves productivity, as does the increased amount of material capable of being moved in one trip.

The return on investment is also high with this equipment. By reducing the chance for musculoskeletal disorders and other injuries, as well as increasing efficiency of the production staff, the low capital equipment cost is far less than other options.

Standard features that make our equipment smarter include:

  • ON-board, 5-stage battery charger
  • Universal receiver for attachments
  • Battery indicator gauge
  • Maintenance-free transaxle design

Stronger – A Load Mover outperforms other powered tugs on the market. They are compact units capable of moving very large and/or heavy loads by using design geometry to maximize the laws of physics. One of the most useful applications of our equipment is to use it to pull a train of carts. Our units also work all day on a single charge. Standard features that make our equipment stronger includes:

  • Robust design for tough production environments
  • Heavy duty caster
  • Group 31 batteries for 24 or 36V DC power circuit
  • Internal weight package for additional traction
  • Constructed of formed ¼” steel plate

There are unlimited applications for our walk-behind power movers. We also offer a large variety of attachments, and can accommodate special application attachment needs. If it’s time to make your manufacturing or distribution facility safer, smarter, and stronger, contact Load Mover Inc.: 952-767-1720;