Manufacturing Day – Looking from Past to Present

posted on: Tuesday September 17, 2013

The second annual Manufacturing Day is slated for October 4th, 2013. The Modern Materials Handling article “Manufacturing Day’s sponsor base adds four industry associations” stated, “Manufacturing Day is an annual national event, executed at the local level, that supports hundreds of manufacturers across the nation that host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.”

Last year, over 200 companies participated in the first annual Manufacturing Day. The national event opened the doors of manufacturers to host open houses, career workshops, tours, and other events. According to the press release from the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), “More Than 200 Companies Participate in First Annual Manufacturing Day,” Manufacturing Day “draws attention to the opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide and promotes the pursuit of skills that will lead to a long-term career that offers security and growth for qualified candidates.”

The lack of interest in the field coupled with a gap in skills left 600,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in 2012. A major priority of Manufacturing Day is to inform the public about the field and alter the perception that manufacturing is not a viable career option. NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons  described, “By opening up shopfloors around the country, we were able to show what manufacturing is all about—a high-skilled, technology-driven industry that offers secure, good-paying jobs.”

The event was tremendously successful and resulted in an award for the man who conceived the idea. The annual CMA Leadership Award from the Council of Manufacturing Associations of NAM was presented to Ed Youdell in January of 2013. Youdell is the President and CEO of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International, and he created the concept of Manufacturing Day. He brought together NAM, the Manufacturing Institute (MI), the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA), and the U.S. Commerce Department’s Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) to coproduce the event.

This year, the sponsor list grows. Proud Gold Sponsors include the Alliance for American Manufacturing and Shell Lubricants. Silver level sponsors include: the SME Education Foundation (SMEEF), the Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI), the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). At the Bronze level are: Women in Manufacturing (WIM), the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA), and the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE).

This year’s official media sponsor is the Science Channel. The network’s popular series HOW IT’s MADE has been named the official program partner. According to the Manufacturing Day Website, Debbie Adler Myers, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Science Channel, stated: “As part of Discovery Communications’ continuing commitment to STEM education, Science Channel and HOW IT’S MADE are extremely proud to serve as the media and program partners for the second annual Manufacturing Day… On October 4, Science Channel viewers will have the chance to see HOW IT’S MADE live in their own communities.”

To add to the mounting excitement as we approach Manufacturing Day 2013, Shell Lubricants is offering a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to a 2014 Sprint Cup Race Series of your choice. You may enter to win up until the main event on October 4th, 2013.

Partners and participants alike are excited to execute the events again this year. With the impressive list of reputable sponsors, the day should attract even more people, awareness, and enthusiasm than last year. The industry has high hopes that the grassroots effort will gain popularity and effectiveness year after year.

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