Manufacturing: Solving Problems in Winery and Craft Brewery Expansion

posted on: Tuesday March 17, 2015

xpresslargeWine and craft beer are more popular than ever, bringing great success to both wineries and breweries. With success comes expansion. Of the many considerations that come with moving or building on to a facility, a major and final concern is how to keep everything moving at a profitable speed.

One of the primary issues for liquor manufacturers is the physical demand each production worker faces. Manually moving heavy loads of glass, liquids, and other materials is a strenuous job. When a facility is expanded, even more demand is placed on the production floor crew.

This kind of physical strain affects the success of an expansion in several ways. First, employees are more likely to be injured. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are costly to employees and employers. There are many resources on the colossal direct and indirect costs of worksite injuries. Second, employees are more likely to become fatigued. This not only makes them more vulnerable to injury, it also slows down the process. Third, adding manpower to make up for the excess product creates both safety and space issues. The more people who have to work together to safely move materials all day, the more likely they are to create a bottleneck somewhere in the facility.

All of these problems can be addresses with one piece of equipment: an automated cart pusher, or power tug. This device assists material handlers who need to push or pull product across the production floor. One large wine manufacturer uses Load Mover Inc.’s XpressPlus-200 units to move bottle molds throughout its facility.

Power tugs benefit manufacturers in a number of ways. For an expanding company, it solves a lot of problems.

Here are the advantages of power tugs:

  • Limits labor costs. Units like Load Movers are designed to handle varying Draw-bar pull. That means that no matter how much power is required to move a cart, one person with a power tug can move what usually takes several people to manually push or pull.
  • Increases productivity. Most Load Mover owners will link carts together and pull the entire train with their power tug. This allows more product to be moved at a time.
  • Safer. Unlike forklifts, power tuggers keep everything close to the floor. Breakage is highly unlikely, and visibility is optimal at all times. Additionally, injuries are practically eliminated. In fact, Load Movers are ergonomically sound, which prevents chronic injuries from pushing and/or pulling.
  • Compact. Space is coveted when you expand, especially when the future may hold further expansion. Battery-operated power tugs are compact, so they take up a fraction of the space required for forklifts.

If it’s time to improve the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your winery or brewery, discuss your needs with Load Mover, Inc. They will help you determine your Draw-bar pull and whether a battery-operated power tug would benefit you.  Contact them today at 952-767-1720 or