Material handing in casinos can be as challenging as any manufacturing area

posted on: Wednesday April 3, 2013

Most of the articles written on our site involve material handling in manufacturing or warehousing.   These are certainly areas of DSC_6751heavy lifting, pushing and pulling.   But they are by no means the only industry that requires pushing or pulling material.   The hospitality, healthcare and gaming industries also require some heavy moving.

In the hospitality industry linen carts, food carts, beverage canister carts and luggage carts are commonly done with manual push-pull carts.

Moving heavy medical equipment carts as well as patients are common handling issues in hospitals

The gaming industry involves moving of some heavy material such as coins, chips and tokens.   Casino revenues add up to nearly 70 Billion Dollars per year in the US.  Yet there are less than 1000 casinos.  The number of casino workers that actually do material moving is fairly small, but this group is no less susceptible to stress injuries than manufacturing workers.  In fact government statistics show that material handling accident rates in the hospitality industry is comparable to manufacturing.   Heavy coins have to be transported to and from safes and change tables.    Drop buckets and coin bags are routinely loaded and unloaded from slot machines.   It is estimated that there are nearly 200,000 slot machines in Las Vegas alone.

Currently there are 38 states that allow gambling and this number is bound to grow as states are looking for ways to narrow budget deficits.   The gaming industry will grow steadily over the next decade and along with that, ergonomic problems.

Carts used to move bags and buckets of coins among slot machines need are built to handle over 10,000 pounds.   Change booth modules are set in place for use, but then the entire module is transported to the safe. These modules can hold up to 6,000 pounds of coins.

Using motorized assistance for tugging coin carts makes a lot of ergonomic sense.   With the lack of maneuvering room and in a casino and the high amount of people traffic, a moving system would need to be easy to maneuver and relatively small.   We believe the Load Mover Xpress is the ideal tug for such an application.