Material Handling’s Secret Weapon for Productivity

posted on: Friday July 22, 2016

Xpress SingledrevaHigher productivity in material handling can result from various kinds of changes. If you improve the ergonomics, you make the job easier to physically execute. If you improve the tools, you make work performance more efficient. If you improve the process, you optimize how much can be accomplished in a given amount of time. Productivity hinges on numerous factors. Catering to one of them will help, but addressing many of them will give you real progress.

The secret to a significant improvement to productivity, then, is to find one solution that covers a lot of the factors that influence output. In Modern Materials Handling’s online article, “Casters, carts, and tuggers: Reinventing the Wheel,” by Chris Lewis, this solution is plainly addressed. Modern wheels and casters have made tug and cart systems extremely valuable to material handlers – sparing time, effort, and labor.

In his article, Lewis discusses the many benefits of cart systems, one of which is improved delivery time. As we know, the forklift has long been the go-to equipment to transport loads. In a production line, for example, a forklift can carry one container of goods at a time to unload on the line and then return all the way to the warehouse to refill the container.  He says,
“By using a tugger and cart system, operators can unload products and replace empty containers on the production line multiple times in a single pass. This approach decreases the potential for employee injuries, improves ergonomics (primarily since operators have more time to focus on other projects) and reduces noise since the tuggers and carts are often only transported to production lines once.”

Lewis also comments on the practicality and safety of the tuggers, two reasons they are replacing forklifts in many applications:

“In recent years, manufacturers have gone fork free, replacing forklifts with tuggers in production areas and reserving forklifts on shop floors for maintenance. Since tuggers do not have extensions, they can be turned more easily in tight corners and driven in narrower aisles. In the past, such turns and passageways were considered unsafe for operators, as fork extensions could potentially be driven into warehouse or distribution center storage shelves.”

In addition to the basic benefits of these systems, carts are now customizable. They can be designed to meet the evolving needs of your loads, giving you more capabilities with less equipment. When you hook carts together, you can increase the size of the load, thereby not only optimizing labor, but also saving money on equipment because fewer tugs are necessary for hauling.

Enhancing your process with a cart and tugger system is a cost-effective way to not only increase productivity, but also reduce injuries and other safety concerns. To better understand the kind of tugger that would fit your needs, contact Load Mover Inc. We are industry experts who know exactly what the equipment is capable of. Call or email us today: 952-767-1720;