Moving Heavy Loads of Glass and Liquid: Wine & Liquor Manufacturers

posted on: Friday May 29, 2015

Overcome the unique labor challenges of wine and liquor manufacturing with this practical piece of material handling equipment

XtremelargeWine and liquor are thriving industries. Alcoholic beverages are staples of social interaction as well as symbols of sophistication. Consumers across the globe imbibe at home, at events, out to dinner, and out on the town. This keeps wine and liquor producers large and small in business.

The manufacturing environment for these industries is heavily filled with manual labor. Production workers have difficult jobs manually moving heavy loads of glass and liquids. This is also true for bottle manufacturers. Many heavy items, like bottle molds, need to be pushed through a facility. This creates a number of problems for both employees and the manufacturing company:

  • All loads moved without the help of equipment poses serious safety risks to employees, like musculoskeletal disorders and injuries
  • More manpower is needed to manually move heavy, awkward loads safely
  • Downtime can be high when waiting for a forklift or other means of moving loads too heavy to push
  • Capital expenditure is high when forklifts are used
  • Using some material handling equipment in a congested production environment can result in unsafe movement of loads, especially breakables like glass

All of these problems can lead to slowed production, lost work time, workers’ compensation, high turnover, and lost profits. If manual labor is inefficient and unsafe, and forklifts are costly and bulky, what is the answer to these problems?

Many wine and liquor manufacturers are using battery-powered tugs to assist production workers and take forklifts out of the equation.

These power tugs, or cart pushers, attach to anything on wheels. They are compact machines that are safe and easy to operate. Using any of a variety of attachments, the operator hooks the tug onto the wheeled platform and effortlessly steers the load throughout the production floor. The tug provides all the power needed to move the load.

Some power tugs, like what Load Mover Inc. manufacturers, have speed control on the units, making it even safer to move fragile loads. The tugs also provide more visibility than forklifts, and anyone can operate them. They are small footprint machines that enable maximum use of production and warehouse space.

Load Mover, Inc. serves wine and liquor manufacturers across the country. Some companies purchase multiple units, like the XpressPlus-200– our smallest unit – to optimize both production efficiencies and safety. If your business relies heavily on manual labor, contact us to find out if a power tug will improve your operations. Call us at 952-767-1720 or email