Optimizing the Efficiency of your Warehouse Team

posted on: Tuesday March 17, 2015

XtremelargeThe efficiency of your warehouse depends on a number of factors. How your team works together and as individuals significantly impacts your business. Production relies on proper management of incoming goods, accurate inventory, smooth delivery coordination, and personnel safety. You can maximize your team’s efficiency in a number of ways.

    1. Ongoing training. This is an extremely useful strategy to not only foster more competent employees, but also nurture innovation and success in your business. Employees, particularly new employees, value jobs that promise to make them more knowledgeable and marketable. That doesn’t mean your staff will take the training and leave. They will be more likely to stay if they continue learning and have opportunities for advancement.
      Training also keeps information fresh. Safety topics should be part of a regular training schedule. People can fall into bad habits; routine reminders of proper body mechanics and equipment handling will help your team remember to do things the right way.

      Cross training is also smart to implement. When employees can do more than one job, it gives you some room to rotate tasks – this can help minimize work-related injuries. However, the intention of cross training doesn’t have to be to fit people into more roles. The better your employees understand each other’s jobs, the easier it will be to proficiently work together.

    2. Give consistent feedback and advancement goals. Employees are motivated when they feel appreciated. They are also more likely to problem-solve and perform well when they have a promotion or reward to work towards. This goes hand-in-hand with ongoing training. Provide an environment for employees to grow, and they will thrive.
    3. Invest in automated equipment that boosts productivity and prevents injury. Give your employees the tools to do their jobs in the safest, most efficient manner. Motorized cart pushers, or electric tuggers, are a perfect fit for material handlers at any level. They reduce strain and fatigue, and they allow people to move a lot more product in one trip.
    4. Gather feedback and ideas from the team itself. Who knows the challenges and obstacles to efficiency better than the people experiencing them? Ask your team what they find most difficult. Listen to the feedback and ideas they have. Do this continually. If you are training, motivating, and appreciating your team, they will become more inventive and accountable with their ideas.


If you want to know if equipment like a motorized cart pusher can benefit your team, contact Load Mover Inc. They are manual material handling experts. They will listen and ask questions to determine your needs. If an electric tugger would improve your operation, Load Mover Inc. will be able to fit you with the right unit. Call them at 952-767-1720 or email info@loadmoverinc.com.