Packaging Suppliers: Secret is in the Service, not the Container

posted on: Monday December 28, 2015

Why customer service is the most important element of the packaging business and how the rest of the company can support this side.

08-abouta_1Priority Metrics Group (PMG) recently released its study on what drives the purchases of packaging containers, materials, equipment, and supplies. The results were based on 40 proprietary research projects on behalf of packaging suppliers over the last two decades. This included interviewing over 4,000 purchasers. What they found was quite surprising:

Service attributes, not product characteristics, are what packaging buyers care most about.

John Barrett, the president of PMG, stated, “Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting their product offering. But unless that innovation is dramatic and disruptive, what determines whether or not the sale will be made or the business retained, are the service attributes.”

While customer service has always been a known factor in whether purchasers will do business with a company, it does not receive the focus that packaging companies place on product qualities. Attributes like product performance and equipment and systems are consistently looked at for improvement and innovation.

However, packaging buyers identified these as the most important traits in winning their business:

  • Responsiveness
  • Communication
  • Customer service (overall)
  • Accessibility

From a business standpoint, this makes sense. Product quality and performance can be replicated by other companies. Strong relationships between buyers and vendors can’t. You have to tailor your approach to individuals and individual companies. At the end of the day, you are selling to a person, not just the items being contained.

Stellar service hinges on more than the sales and customer service teams, however. The entire organization has to work together to put forth a product that performs as expected and is shipped on time. Cost is also a factor for any product.

Reducing costs and improving efficiencies to support the service side

It’s easiest to take care of your customers when your operation runs smoothly and you have happy employees. Make sure you give workers what they need to do their jobs well. Manual material handling equipment like the ones from Load Mover, Inc. or industrial tugs, lend to an efficient and safe operation:

  • Increases how much a single person is able to haul in one load, whether it is cartfuls of material or one very heavy object
  • Makes components readily available to move, whether it’s down an assembly line to the next station, or part of Management by Walking Around
  • Greatly reduces the risk of injury in employees who are pushing and pulling, thereby cutting workman’s compensation premiums and claims
  • Substitutes forklifts for horizontal movement, creating a safer work environment
  • Optimizes the capabilities of employees – there is no certification required to operate

Better productivity and fewer injuries keep your costs low and your deliveries on time. Find out how a battery-powered tugger benefits your company. Call Load Mover, Inc. at 952-767-1720 or email