Pushing and Pulling: Tools for Aging Workers in Manufacturing

posted on: Friday February 27, 2015

08-abouta_1The CDC reports that by 2020, 1 in every 4 (25%) American workers will be over 55. Manufacturing in particular is an industry that employs “older” workers because manufacturing companies need to keep skilled people on the production floor. In fact, about 25% of production employees are 55 or older.

Thus, a challenge that many manufacturers face is how to make jobs safer and easier for the aging workforce.

One of the smartest strategies to assist physical tasks like pushing and pulling is with specialized equipment. Battery-powered cart pushers, or power tugs, are the perfect solution for many manufacturers.

Power tugs provide the muscle in pushing and pulling tasks. As a result, anyone can effortlessly move equipment, parts, and production assemblies across the floor. They assist the aging workforce in several ways:

  • Employees can independently complete pushing and pulling tasks without strain or fatigue.
  • With a power tug, an employee can actually accomplish more work in less time with less effort. Carts can be linked together like train cars and swiftly maneuvered around the production floor.
  • This equipment is ergonomically designed, so it is comfortable to operate with arthritis or other joint or muscle pain.
  • Power tugs with custom-made attachments can make connection to carts fast and easy.

An invaluable advantage of this kind of equipment is that it is extremely practical. The skilled production worker can manage a great amount of production flow without stress or strain to his or her body.  The company can increase efficiencies while reducing injuries to their work force. Many production personnel and manufacturers can benefit from power tugs and carts with wheels.

Employees with many years of experience are great assists to manufacturing companies. Corporations that are proactive on increasing their production efficiencies can look for better ways of moving product. For information on power tugs, contact the experts at Load Mover, Inc. They will help you determine the right equipment for your needs. 952-767-1720; info@loadmoverinc.com.