Summer Warehouse Staff Productivity: 3 Tips to Avoid Overheating

posted on: Thursday July 23, 2015

3 easy ways to keep your staff healthy, efficient, and productive in the heat and humidity.

uspo Load MoverWarehouse labor jobs are already physical enough to raise body temperatures. When the heat goes up outside, even an air-conditioned warehouse can’t protect staff from the effects of the heat. With doors frequently opening and closing, heat and humidity become a big part of the warehouse laborer’s day. These conditions can be dangerous at their worst, and a productivity-killer at best.

When humans are exposed to heat and humidity, any physical exertion tires us more quickly – both physically and mentally. Taking breaks and rehydrating definitely help, but if you want your staff to be as productive as possible, you need to do more. Here is what you need to know to be a proactive manager:

  1. Insulation makes a difference. We often associate insulation with cold temperatures, but it is also important to keep heat out. Make sure your warehouse is properly insulated to keep safety up and heating/cooling costs low.
  2. Paint and fans matter. These seem like fairly simple elements, but they make a significant difference. Did you know that if you paint your roof white, it will deflect the sun’s rays? As for fans, stagnant air exacerbates weather conditions. Ceiling fans with seasonal settings blow air downwards in the summer and draw it upward in the winter. Industrial ceiling fans have speeds that can compensate for constant opening and closing of doors.
  3. You can make work less physical. The less your staff has to exert itself, the longer they will last in the heat. Use tools to take the strain out of work so your staff keeps energy levels higher. For example, power tuggers – or cart pushers – can be used to transport product and material between different stations. One person can hook a tugger up to a cart filled with materials and effortlessly walk it where it needs to go. In fact, multiple carts can be hooked together and pulled with one tugger. This in itself boosts productivity, with or without the heat. If you rely on forklifts, a battery-powered tug can replace any back-and-forth work. This allows anyone to help out in that area, not just those who are forklift certified.

Taking care of your staff in the high temperatures will keep them safe and maximize their output. If you want to increase productivity safely and effectively, contact Load Mover Inc. about a power tugger. We will determine your “Draw-bar Pull” to recommend the unit that fits your needs. Call us at 952-767-1720 or email