There’s an Elephant in the Room, and it’s your Forklift

posted on: Wednesday May 11, 2016

Your forklift is not just the metaphorical elephant in the room – the one that sits there consuming valuable resources and causing unnecessary danger to your employees. It, in fact, can be compared to the magnificent giant when you think about how it moves around your facility.

  • Forklifts are big, heavy, and built like tanks. Yes, they accomplish important tasks, but in recent years, more companies have sought to replace them. This is because, as Load Mover Inc. founder Pete Nelson explains,
  • “It would be like riding an elephant through the sea of people at the State Fair.  What are the chances of one of the ‘production workers’ getting bumped or a foot ran over or worse? What are the chances of the elephant bumping into a parked car or doorway into a building? What if the elephant is going too slowly so the operator speeds it up to get more work done before the shift is over?”

uspo Load MoverWhen you really consider how big and solid forklifts are, it’s easy to see that even when driven slowly by a skilled operator, accidents are quite likely. We’ve all seen footage of this on social media – numerous devastating accidents resulting from even a minor mistake in a lift truck. These don’t even account for incidents resulting from negligence or carelessness.

The reasons to replace forklifts, then, are many. There are safety concerns for people, structures, and product. The equipment is costly to maintain, and it is not environmentally friendly. So facility managers who still use a fleet of forklifts are under the gun to find a better way. They understand the demand to replace this heavy-duty machine, but the thing is, not everyone can replace forklifts completely.  Be it for cost or function, eliminating forklifts is impossible for some. So the issue is ignored, like a giant elephant in the room.

For anyone caught in this conundrum, you can incorporate a solution without removing forklifts completely. You can also make a gradual change if necessary. The key is to replace all horizontal functions with something that works more efficiently, safely, and practically.

Electric powered tugs provide safe, simple, nearly effortless horizontal transport of pallets, carts, production parts, and other equipment. They can be implemented anywhere forklifts aren’t absolutely necessary. Tugs allow you to maintain optimal visibility, agility, and productivity. They are efficient and compact. The overall cost of a tug and cart system is a fraction of what you spend maintaining several forklifts.

Load Mover Inc. can help you determine where a tug will most benefit your operation with optimal ROI. Let us know your situation and see what we can do for you: 952-767-1720;

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