Why Battery-Powered Tugs are Leading Material Handling Equipment in Projected Growth

posted on: Monday December 28, 2015

How industrial tugs have helped manufacturers be more productive and cost efficient in their operations.

08-abouta_1Material handling equipment provides numerous benefits for those in the manufacturing industry including automotive, food & beverages, aviation, and more. These tools have proved invaluable at improving production quality, reducing labor and costs, and improving safety. By reducing human involvement, material handling equipment has been on a steady rise for years. According to the latest forecast on growth of material handling equipment, industrial tugs are slated to grow more than any other types of industrial machinery through 2020.

Those who utilize this equipment know why this is the case. Battery-powered tugs are practical and versatile enough for various applications. Manufacturers of these tugs, like Load Mover, Inc., learn that companies are able to find new uses for them all the time. One of the more innovative uses was by a meat packing plant that used them to push large, heavy slabs of hanging beef. Some more common uses include:

  • Replacing forklifts for horizontal load movement
  • Moving parts, products, and widgets along an assembly line
  • Staging product in the shipping and receiving areas and to inventory storage
  • Moving large manufactured equipment to kilns or paint booths
  • Loading and unloading trucks and trailers
  • Pushing trays and carts, like those in the hospitality and food & beverage industries

There are several reasons that power tugs are projected to grow more than other material handling equipment. Two of the major ones are that other equipment, especially automated material handling equipment, comes with a high capital expenditure and are prone to technical glitches.

Battery-powered cart pushers and tugs require a reasonably low investment and have a high ROI. This is especially true with the evolution of carts and cart systems. Manufacturers can accomplish a lot by means of productivity, efficiency, and safety with cart systems. The tuggers are used to make these systems effective.

Electric powered tugs still require a human operator, so technical glitches are not an issue with this equipment. The units still reduce manual labor, however, by increasing the load size that one person is capable of handling the task alone.

Being compact units that maneuver around corners and through tight spaces, many users are able to maximize floor space by incorporating the industrial tugs into their operation and around other workers. The equipment also takes up a fraction of the space that forklifts and other equipment require.

Overall, power tuggers are one of the least costly, most versatile material handling equipment available. They dramatically improve safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. Find out how a power tug can improve your bottom line. Contact Load Mover, Inc. at 952-767-1720 or Info@loadmoverinc.com.