Cart Tugger

Application description: Ideal for pulling or pushing carts in a variety of environments. This can include something as common as manufacturing or as specialized as the gaming/entertainment industry. A Load Mover is rugged enough to stand up to any industrial environment, while maneuverable and compact enough to be usable in settings that have small aisle space such as hospitals, hotels and route delivery vehicles.

A Load Mover recommendation:  The Load Mover “Xpress” is used for applications where “People Power” has for years been good enough. Those light loads at the beginning of the day become heavy burdens at the end of the shift. Applications such as pulling linen carts, cases of beverages, and service carts. The Xpress can handle carts that weigh up to 1400 lbs., yet it is highly maneuverable.
The Load Mover “Xtra” can handle weights up to 20,000 lbs. and may be applicable for many manufacturing and warehouse applications that require pushing/pulling of industrial carts.

The battery powered cart tugger has a variety of attachments and features that make it an ideal choice for cart handling applications.

Features of CART TUGGER

  • Designed to minimize ergonomic stress to personnel
  • Has a variety of attachments to adapt to a lot of uses
  • Easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • On-board battery charger
  • Works all day on a single charge
  • Can be customized for unique needs

In many cases, the Load Mover is safer and more efficient than other material handling equipment used in hospitals, hospitality, and delivery route services. Pulling even “Light weight” carts daily can put muscular and skeletal stress on your employees, which can result in OSHA recordable injuries. The Material Handling industry has some of the highest number of OSHA recordable injuries in the workforce. A Load Mover can significantly reduce the risk of operator injury from repetitive motion and over exertion.

Xtra w/Pintle Hitch, XpressPlus-200 w/Manual 5th Wheel and Hook, XpressULT-300 w/Manual 5th Wheel and Hook (L-R)

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