Advice on Bringing Partial Automation into the Beverage Industry

posted on: Friday July 19, 2013

As business grows in the beverage industry, owners are moving to more automation in their facilities. Some of the biggest distributors are incorporating automation in storage, picking, buffering, and palletizing. These solutions include everything from voice-directed picking to high-speed sortation. For them, automation is the best way to keep up with their demand. For others,… Read more

Offsetting Occupational Handicaps: Obesity

posted on: Thursday July 11, 2013

Material Handling and Logistics (MH&L) recently posted an article titled, “How to Compensate for Obesity’s Impact on Productivity.” Obesity is a growing issue in the US, and in the warehouse, obese employees face unique challenges. MH&L cite some measurable differences in the physical capabilities of obese individuals as well as some accommodations to keep them… Read more

Productivity, Cost, and Safety: Benefits of the Tugger over the Lift Truck

posted on: Wednesday July 3, 2013

The idea of switching to a forklift-free environment isn’t a new one, but it seems to be reiterated with each new trend in operational innovations. Initiatives like Lean and Just-in-Time manufacturing downplay, if not eliminate, the need for forklifts. How are we supposed to be productive without this essential and long-used equipment? What seems to… Read more

Good News for the Future of Manufacturing: Higher Competency in New Applicants

posted on: Saturday June 29, 2013

One of the greatest challenges facing the manufacturing industry is a lack of qualified workers. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, in 2011, about 600,000 jobs went unfilled in the industry. The Manufacturing Institute writes: “The manufacturing workforce is growing older at a greater rate than the economy as a whole and the U.S…. Read more

Promising Factors for Manufacturing

posted on: Monday June 24, 2013

The strength of our manufacturing industry signifies strength in the economy. Many sectors depend on a solid manufacturing base. News reports on the industry vary greatly – some show concerns that manufacturing is producing well below capacity. Manufacturers are also focused on the 2014 budget and the Regulatory Accountability Act. Other news reports focus on… Read more

Is US manufacturing making a major resurgence?

posted on: Wednesday June 19, 2013

One of the hot topics in manufacturing in recent years has been the possible resurgence of US manufacturing with jobs coming back to the US from China.  The term for bringing manufacturing back to the US is called “reshoring”.    After a huge outflow of jobs going to China in the earlier part 2000, we have… Read more

Some good news for the material handling industry

posted on: Tuesday June 18, 2013

MHI is forecasting orders for material handling equipment to grow 5-6% in 2013 and will increase further in 2014 with a projection of a 10% growth.  This is following a strong 2012 which had 7.2% increases from the previous year.  The main reasons for the growth are: Automotive is rebounding.  US Automotive sales were 14.4… Read more

Manual Material Handling in Retail and Wholesale from an Insurance Perspective

posted on: Thursday June 13, 2013

Insurance premiums in the MMH industry can be high enough to put a company out of business. Brian Roberts, CNA’s National Director of Workers’ Compensation and Ergonomic Services, compiled some interesting data for retailers and wholesalers to consider. MMH issues are often overlooked in these sectors, so Roberts’ intent is to identify current and emerging… Read more

Need to Know in MMH: The Aging Workforce

posted on: Monday June 3, 2013

The number of people aged 55 and over in the workforce has increased drastically over the last 13 years and is projected to keep on growing. This is attributed to a combination of influences on the baby boomer generation, ranging from social security to an ingrained desire to work. The manual material handling (MMH) industry… Read more

Warehouse Entrepreneur: Be Prepared Later by Being Smart Now

posted on: Friday May 24, 2013

The services of warehouses are widely in demand. Startup costs for a warehouse business run in the neighborhood of $10,000-$50,000, but they can be very lucrative. The entrepreneur looking to start his or her own warehouse business has access to a lot of free advice and business plan help. Sites like,, and even… Read more