Explanation of Wheel Configuration for Industrial Carts

posted on: Monday September 24, 2012

Since the wheel was invented carts were used to move product. Over the years materials for carts have changed and the manufacturing methods have improved. Some carts are built out of stainless steel for the food industry and others are used for moving manufactured product in a production facility. The one thing that all carts… Read more

An Explanation of Force and Labor Power

posted on: Sunday September 23, 2012

Many variables affect how much force is needed to move a loaded cart across a warehouse floor. In most cases, a fully loaded cart is the ideal move in an industrial environment because it is the most efficient. A fully loaded cart has fewer moves in a day than a partially loaded cart, which also… Read more

Helping Your Hardest Workers in Manual Material Handling

posted on: Friday September 21, 2012

While there are many regulations and programs that promote safe handling on the job, none of them really address the employee who works too hard. He already does everything the safest way. He knows how to lift, carry, push, and transfer objects. He is certified to use all the equipment. He begrudgingly takes the time… Read more

How is Product Moved in a Warehouse?

posted on: Thursday September 20, 2012

There are typically three ways to move heavy items across a warehouse floor. 1.   Manually:    Loads that are put on carts or dollies are moved around a warehouse by pushing or pulling by one operator and sometimes with additional helpers. Disadvantages: One operator – One cart Operator fatigue with heavy load or long distances. Load is… Read more