Overcoming Difficulties in JIT Manufacturing

posted on: Friday May 15, 2015

Manufacturers want to implement Just in Time (JIT) production, but it is difficult to master. In the end, all parts and labor have to be available while you build in order to push the product through the system. If they aren’t, you wind up starting and stopping processes, which produces nothing and adds to the… Read more

Manufacturing and Distribution: Safer, Smarter, Stronger

posted on: Thursday May 7, 2015

Anyone who deals with manual material handling is constantly asking questions. How can I make this job easier? How can I make this job safer? How can this job be more productive? How can I save money? How can I retain my top talent? Seeking answers to these questions is what brings industry professionals to… Read more

4 Tips for Effective MBWA in Manufacturing

posted on: Friday May 1, 2015

How manufacturing managers can use management by walking around to be more efficient Management by walking around (MBWA) is a concept made popular by the 1982 bestseller In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman. It’s simply an up-close and personal style of management. Its effects are extremely beneficial. Interacting with employees via… Read more

Just In Time Manufacturing: Shop Floor Tug

posted on: Friday April 24, 2015

Just in Time (JIT) Manufacturing is a model where production meets demand rather than creating surplus in advance of need. It aims to eliminate waste related to overproduction, waiting, and excess inventory. JIT has been adopted throughout American manufacturing with great success. However, making these changes can result in other demands that need to be… Read more

Lean Manufacturing: Reducing Manpower

posted on: Saturday April 11, 2015

Lean practices in manufacturing aim to reduce unnecessary time, processes, and manpower in production. The result is a more efficient operation with minimal waste. Manufacturers focus heavily on layout and automation to achieve a more lean operation. These changes do yield success, but some aspects of manual material handling can’t transform to lean with these… Read more

Manufacturing: Staying Profitable When Using Temp Workers

posted on: Friday March 27, 2015

The manufacturing industry is no stranger to temporary workers. The need is so great that there are staffing agencies committed solely to finding temp workers for manufacturing jobs. With so many people willing to take on temporary work, staffing agency employees are building beefier resumes, making them more qualified for assignments. However, there is never… Read more

Manufacturing: Solving Problems in Winery and Craft Brewery Expansion

posted on: Tuesday March 17, 2015

Wine and craft beer are more popular than ever, bringing great success to both wineries and breweries. With success comes expansion. Of the many considerations that come with moving or building on to a facility, a major and final concern is how to keep everything moving at a profitable speed. One of the primary issues… Read more

The Role of Safety in Workforce Engagement and Business Success in Manufacturing

posted on: Wednesday April 30, 2014

This is such a critical time for the manufacturing industry. Between operational evolution and current events like reshoring, manufacturers are working hard to become the US powerhouse they once were. Amidst all the new technologies and newly-developing consumer demands, business owners are cautioned not to neglect one of the greatest differentiators between successful and unsuccessful… Read more

The Innovative, Risk-Reducing, Productivity-Building Wonders of Power Tugs

posted on: Saturday March 8, 2014

As manufacturers and warehousers move into the future, industry leaders have worked to create the most efficient operations to keep up with changing needs. Growth has to enable fewer workers to accomplish more in less time. Waste needs to be reduced. Safety needs to be heightened. Production needs to be greener and more flexible. All… Read more

How Smart Manufacturers are Replenishing their Workforce

posted on: Friday March 7, 2014

The oldest baby boomers are reaching retirement ages, and their exit from the workforce is leaving the manufacturing industry in a workforce bind. Some companies have already felt the impact of the aging workforce, and this is a trend that will continue for the next several years. In Josh Bond’s Modern Materials Handling article, “The… Read more