Forklift Alternatives: Reorganizing your Warehouse

posted on: Friday January 23, 2015

uspo Load MoverIf you’re changing the layout of your warehouse space, you may be facing a serious problem: the equipment you need to move product around is too big, unsafe, or inefficient to use in the space you have.

This issue is most common to companies that rely on forklifts to move heavy loads. While the forklift has made life easier in the past, manufacturers are realizing that it isn’t ideal for a lot of jobs. The alternative that makes the most sense is the electric powered tug.

The three main issues in using a forklift are: safety, space, and productivity. Let’s see how these tugs, or electric cart pullers, compare in those areas.


We’ve all seen the videos of forklift accidents. They can be gruesome. Some companies have employees who have been hurt by a forklift. Visibility is an issue as is balance. Forklifts can destroy products just as easily as they can transport them.

The electric powered tug, on the other hand, keeps product on the ground. It attaches to a cart and pulls up to 50,000 pounds (depending on the unit.) Employees can link carts together like railroad cars. This allows them to manually move more material at a time without compromising visibility.

The battery-powered tug is also agile. The operator can easily maneuver the tug and cart around tight corners. Employees can efficiently and safely move these ergonomic electric tugs throughout the warehouse.


Speaking of maneuvering through a warehouse, the electric tug is typically smaller than the containers it moves, not bigger like a forklift. It easily fits down aisles and through most openings that a human would fit. This can be a timesaver when compared to the forklift. The forklift is already relatively unsafe to use; it’s even more dangerous to try squeezing it through narrow spaces.


This is the area where electric tugs are praised the most.

For safety reasons, production people are often prohibited from entering an area while a forklift is in operation. This is why box stores close an aisle from pedestrian traffic when am employee uses a forklift. In manufacturing, however, this leaves production people waiting while the forklift is in use.

Electric tugs are a safe alternative to use around other people. Production can go on as normal while an electric powered tug is in use.

What makes this equipment so special, however, is the amount of time it saves. As stated earlier, one tugger can pull a train of carts. Only one person is needed to operate the electric tug, and he or she does not need specialized training.

That means that one person can safely haul a significant amount of material around a warehouse in one trip. He or she can often times transport more in one load than with a forklift, and other production is unaffected by the use of the tug.

How would your operation change if, rather than having to move a large forklift around the warehouse, an employee could swiftly fit an electric tug down and around every aisle? If you’re ready to look at a safe and efficient material handling product, contact Load Mover, Inc. Their units are self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind electric powered tugs that aid production personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial environment. They will discuss your needs to find the best fit for your application. Contact them at 952-767-1720 or