Customized Load Mover

Application description: A Load Mover attachment can be customized for a variety of applications. The video below demonstrates how a custom attachment can transform a standard XpressPlus-200 to meet a specific application in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Load Mover Recommendation: Every model that Load Mover, Inc. manufacturers can be equipped with a standard or “Special” attachment for a variety of applications. Give us a call to discuss your application and our sales engineers can find and recommend the best option for your needs.

Using a customized Load Mover and its attachment often times is the difference between doing something good to something great. Every manufacturing company is looking for ways to reduce costs in labor, parts, with an increase in efficiencies. A Load Mover that can attach to a cart to help a single operator to move thousands of pounds of product safely and efficiently can add great value to an organization. A production environment that is constantly looking for better ways to produce product have a significant advantage over their competition. Let Load Mover, Inc. review your application and help to determine the best material handling methods for your company.