A Look at Manufacturers from the Super Bowl

posted on: Friday February 7, 2014

Express Singled  2In the wake of what was one of the most disappointing Super Bowl games in history, news from the big game has been largely diverted to the part of the event that actually promised entertainment: the advertisements. While some of the commercials were more successful than others (“Is there anything more American than America?” Yikes!), a tribute is certainly due to the companies that kept us watching the most anticipated televised event of the year. Being in manual materials handling, Load Mover Inc. has chosen five manufacturing companies to applaud. Here are some notable bits about some well-known companies:

Frito Lay – The Doritos ad this year was the creation of Ryan Thomas Anderson who won the brand’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. The spot, featuring a kid who nabs a bag of Doritos with the help of a fake time machine, cost $200 and took 8 hours to make. Anderson was awarded 1 million dollars, and Doritos again delivered a comical and unique Super Bowl ad.

What you may not know about Frito Lay is that in October of 2011, it unveiled a “near net-zero” facility at its Casa Grande location. According to a Frito Lay press release, “Frito-Lay invested in and implemented a combination of technologies to enable the Casa Grande plant to significantly reduce the use of key natural resources and reduce the site’s overall environmental footprint. Using innovative technologies, the Casa Grande facility is generating 2/3 of all energy used from renewable sources and is working toward significant reductions:

  • 50% reduction of greenhouse gases
  • 5% of water is recycled
  • 80% reduction of natural gas usage”

Read the full press release here.

Coca Cola – Whether it’s to criticize or applaud Coca Cola’s use of nine languages to sing “America the Beautiful,” people are talking about this ad. A lot.

What people should be talking about is Coca Cola’s investment in a company that is creating an innovative home beverage maker that is sure to change cold drinks the way that Keurig has changed hot coffee. The beverage giant is buying a ten percent stake in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc – the company that manufactures the Keurig single-serve coffee makers. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is creating a machine that will compete with Soda Stream – a product that is eating into the sales of companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi. According to ABC News, “Green Mountain’s ‘Keurig Cold’ machine is expected to roll out in the company’s 2015 fiscal year, which begins this fall. The company says the machine will let people make sodas, sports drinks and other beverages with the touch of a button.”

Read the article here.

Chrysler – After the inspired ads that came out of Chrysler the last two Super Bowls, this year’s spot featuring Bob Dylan was widely criticized. It seemed a good chunk of the advertisement was dedicated to assuring the audience that it was, indeed, Bob Dylan in the ad. The line, “Is there anything more American than America?” has left many people unimpressed. Additionally, the American craft beer brewers and watch makers let out a collective “Heeeeey! Wait a minute” when Dylan told America to let Germany brew its beer and Switzerland build its watch. However, like the Coke ad, Chrysler’s spot has succeeded in getting people talking about it.

In other Chrysler news, the company is making its World Class Manufacturing (WCM) academy more accessible to its employees. According to Illinois’ WREX website, “Chrysler Group established the WCM Academy in Warren, Mich. to expand the WCM knowledge by focusing on increasing productivity, reducing waste and improving quality and safety throughout the company. Because of its location, it is difficult for everyone to attend, so Chrysler decided to bring it to other locations to ensure employees receive proper training.”

Read the article here.

Honda – The ad-makers for this Super Bowl spot could not have cast the actors any better. Bruce Willis, while opening with the line “Great game, right?” without any hint of sarcasm, invites the audience to acknowledge the well-being of their loved ones and take a moment to share a hug. As the camera pans out, we see a delighted Fred Armisen clinging gleefully to Willis’ body as though it were a tree he didn’t want to fall out of.

In December of 2013, Automotive News posted Hans Greimel’s article, “Honda’s new plant takes manufacturing to the next level.” The article featured Honda’s newest assembly plant, which is located in Yorii, Japan. The Lean plant is using “hyperefficient” machinery and “next-generation manufacturing technologies” that are cutting even more cost and time from the assembly process. According to Greimel, “Overall, the advances slash 30 percent off assembly costs, compared with the older Sayama plant nearby, plant manager Takehiro Kono said during the factory’s Nov. 7 dedication. Some examples of the savings:

• Stamping efficiency improved 40 percent by introducing a high-speed press and a high-speed die-swapping machine.

• Energy consumption in the paint shop dropped 40 percent.

• Production engineers cut the number of processes on the assembly line by 9 percent, thereby shaving the time required for final assembly by 40 minutes, Honda said. The company declined to give the time required before or after the changes.

Automation was taken to the next level.”

Read the article here.

Stonyfield Farms – The Oikos commercial landed its twist-ending that launched this advertisement to the top of many “favorites” lists. John Stamos is flirting with an attractive woman as he gets a little messy eating his yogurt. Just as the commercial is about to head into R-rated territory, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier abruptly interject only to demolish Stamos’ mojo “Full House” style.

Stonyfield Farms is taking non-GMO to the next level with the packaging of one of its yogurt lines. The Organic and Non-GMO Report stated, “A unique aspect in the manufacturing of the new cup is that Stonyfield contracts Iowa corn farmers to grow non-genetically modified corn as part of a ‘GMO-offset.’”

Read the whole story here.

There are many wonderful things going on in the world of all the manufacturers who aired commercials during the Super Bowl, and we hope they continue to positively influence society and manufacturing itself. For all the good times you brought to the “Seattle Seahawks Show,” thank you, Super Bowl ads.

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