What Actual Lean Savings Look Like for You

posted on: Friday June 16, 2017

Recently we posted an article that discusses why it can appear that implementing Lean isn’t yielding financial returns. We referenced a case study that described Boeing’s very successful lean implementation that was considered a failure. While Boeing is a much larger company than most manufacturers, we can still apply their results to our smaller budgets… Read more

Are you Overlooking this Major Obstacle to Productivity?

posted on: Thursday June 8, 2017

Manufacturers will always benefit from more productivity. Any business lives this truth. For manufacturers, however, there are factors that make productivity a unique challenge. It’s why so many great ideas, like Lean, are born from this industry. In the ongoing hunt for a productivity-boosting strategy, however, there is one thing manufacturers may be overlooking. This… Read more

You’re Calculating Lean Savings Wrong – a Lesson from Boeing

posted on: Tuesday June 6, 2017

Every manufacturer is familiar with the term “Lean.” Toyota’s colossal success has most of the US trying to copy some aspect of it. However, despite the clear evidence that Lean Manufacturing works, when it comes time to cut spending, lean programs are often the first to go. According to a Purdue case study by Bryan… Read more

Achieving Best-in-Class DC Metrics

posted on: Wednesday May 24, 2017

Does your Distribution Center ship more than 99.8% of orders at the planned time? According to the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) DC Measures Report, that’s one thing it takes to be a best-in-class operation. MLHNews.com recently published an article about achieving best-in-class DC performance. Author Mick McCormick uses the WERC DC Measures Report… Read more

Save Manufacturing Costs by Improving Quality

posted on: Thursday May 18, 2017

Poor quality bleeds you of value added to your operation. Scrap materials, replacements, lost business, and lost labor hours all add up. If you want to save costs to your organization, enhancing quality is an important move to consider. Here are four ways you can approach this improvement. Define quality through your customers’ eyes. The… Read more

Save Money on Wood by Extending Life of Pallets

posted on: Tuesday May 16, 2017

The early effects of Trump’s recent declaration of a countervailing duty on Canadian lumber have sent manufacturers looking for savings to balance out the price hike. While each facility has unique needs for lumber, there is one cost that every manufacturer absorbs: pallet deterioration. With lumber expenses under the microscope, preventing the breakdown of pallets… Read more

How Warehouse Safety is Changing with E-Commerce

posted on: Wednesday April 26, 2017

We recently highlighted how manufacturers are buying equipment in 2017, noting that the greatest increases in spending are a result of the e-commerce boom. No doubt, e-commerce is something every manufacturer wants to take part in. MMH recently released Bridget McCrea’s article, “Conveyors and Sortation Keep up the Pace” where she points out that:  Forrester… Read more

TQM vs TPM: Distinctions Between Similar Lean Concepts

posted on: Thursday February 16, 2017

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) share similarities and are therefore often used interchangeably. Together they’re recognized as the key operational activities of a quality management system. However, they are two separate approaches to what we understand today to be Lean Manufacturing. You may think TQM is a bit outdated, as it… Read more

OSHA’s Tips for Cold Weather Warehouse Safety

posted on: Tuesday January 3, 2017

For most regions, at least one cold snap has hit by now, and we know: it’s only going to get worse. As we look winter down the barrel, warehouse workers need to ensure they’re prepared to work safely in these conditions. Even indoors, warehouses get dangerously cold in the winter, and it’s just as important… Read more