Save Manufacturing Costs by Improving Quality

posted on: Thursday May 18, 2017

certification-571151_640Poor quality bleeds you of value added to your operation. Scrap materials, replacements, lost business, and lost labor hours all add up. If you want to save costs to your organization, enhancing quality is an important move to consider. Here are four ways you can approach this improvement.

  1. Define quality through your customers’ eyes. The only way to make a product better is to understand how the customer defines “better.” If you spend money on improvements, and they drive up the cost of your product, your customer has to agree that the improvement is worth the price. Have your sales and marketing team weigh in on the customer perspective. You may be able to deliver a better product at no extra cost to either of you.
  1. Demonstrate the cost of quality to your staff. Everyone at your facility has unique strengths and perspectives. Not everyone thinks about the cost of replacement, warranty, repairs, or reputation, especially when compared to what it costs to do it right the first time. Give everyone an equal understanding of quality implications throughout the entire process so everyone is on the same page.
  1. Continuous Improvement through a team mindset. While each individual is accountable for maintaining a Continuous Improvement mindset, true improvement takes a team approach. The employees need to know that they’re all on the same page, and they also need to come together with their varying backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives. Not only is individual input strengthened together, there is a lot of power in knowing that your voice is important to the team.
  1. Get to the root of the problem. You can’t slap a Band-Aid on a problem and expect it to produce long-term results. Often times, there is a process control issue that needs solving. Also, you need to make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. Don’t just focus on a symptom of your quality issue; solve the problem completely.

Eliminating the cost of poor quality is a team effort that should span across the entire organization. Many lean initiatives help you evaluate your process for opportunities to improve, like Value Stream Mapping and 5S. Often times, employees will have immediate suggestions on how to improve quality by how to improve their own jobs.

We find that too often to be the case with our customers here at Load Mover Inc. Employees may know they need a better tool for their job. We replace strenuous manual labor and unnecessary forklift use with an electric cart mover, which yields immediate, measurable results. For information on the process and productivity improvements that are typical with our battery-powered tugs, contact us at: 952-767-1720 or