Are forklifts becoming the dinosaurs of material moving?

posted on: Monday December 17, 2012

General Mills once stated that their greatest material handling cost was product damage due to forklift handling.    In the old manufacturing mentality, bigger was better.   Large forklifts moving heavy loads of material was seen as the most efficient way for intra plant material movement.   Today, smaller is better.   Lot sizes are smaller; delivery sizes are smaller and more frequent.  In many cases in modern day manufacturing, the forklifts makes about as much sense as a horse and buggy.

Forklifts are expensive and can be a safety hazard.    Smaller, more flexible material handling systems are actually more efficient and safer than the large cumbersome forklift.

Load Mover carries a line of power movers that are smaller, easier to handle, and much safer than forklifts.   We believe that for many material handling situations, our Load Mover line of power pushers is a better solution than a forklift.

We found this video of a compilation of forklift accidents.