Are you Overlooking a Huge Chance to Save Money in your Warehouse by Ignoring Upgrades?

posted on: Friday April 14, 2017

logistics-852935_1280We write a lot about Lean strategies here, but they’re not the only path to improvement. You want to save money and/or reduce your carbon footprint? You probably have plenty of opportunity to do so all over your facility. Sometimes the answers are staring you right in the face. For United Warehouse Co, it was in the lights.

If you’re wondering how much a lighting upgrade could possibly save you, know that for United Warehouse, it was over $8,000 a month.

Modern Materials Handling Senior Editor Josh Bond wrote about the upgrade in this article. The 650,000 square-foot flagship was outfitted with 400-watt metal halide fixtures that were gradually replaced with T5 fluorescent lights over the next ten years. Recently they upgraded to LED fixtures, finding an energy savings of 50%.

Lighting overhauls are certainly an expensive endeavor, but you might be able to take advantage of programs offered through your utility provider. United Warehouses’ supplier, Big Ass Light, helped the company apply for rebates that its utility provider offered, which they were awarded

Another way to cut costs and energy usage is to replace unnecessary forklifts with motorized or electric cart movers. Consider the costs you won’t have with the unused forklifts: batteries, repairs, fuel, maintenance, training, and waiting. Electric cart movers don’t eat up these financial or energetic resources, and they probably make more sense than forklifts in more cases than you know.

How can you tell if a motorized cart mover might be more efficient than your forklift? Look at the drive motor’s hours vs. lift motor hours on your lift trucks. If drive motor hours are significantly more, then you’re using it for travel, not for lifting.

Of course, with any investment, you need to make sure the ROI makes sense for you. The experts at Load Mover Inc. understand workflow and the industry. They can explain how to best use the electric movers to replace some lift trucks and also yield higher overall productivity. You’ll get a solid understanding of whether this investment will benefit your facility, and by how much. Contact information is at the top of the page.

Overall, when you’re delving into ways to save money and reduce waste, first take a look at what opportunities you have to upgrade equipment and fixtures. If there’s a savings of thousands of dollars a month hiding in an upgrade, you don’t want to overlook it.

Contact Load Mover, Inc. at 952-767-1720 for ideas on how to add electric powered tugs to your production facility.