3 Things to Know Before Scheduling a Kaizen Blitz

posted on: Friday October 14, 2016

In order for a manufacturer to stay profitable and competitive in today’s industry landscape, its management team must be working towards continuous improvement, or Kaizen. This idea of Kaizen is an umbrella for a lot of lean strategies that work to improve all processes. Some approaches include 5S, Just-in-Time, and Value Stream Mapping. Choosing the… Read more

Does your Lean Strategy Eliminate Workplace Injuries?

posted on: Friday September 23, 2016

By its very nature, lean strategies of all kinds result in a safer workplace. Rather than having safety result as a byproduct of lean, however, you can flush out more opportunities for lean improvements by exploring your safety issues. While you’re examining process, flow, communication, and the waste therein, remember to take a close look… Read more

Manufacturing Safety Just a Band-Aid? Get to the Source of your Problem

posted on: Thursday September 22, 2016

You can find endless articles describing tips and guidelines to create a safer manufacturing facility, but most of these bypass what is really happening at your site. If you want to improve safety, you need to establish a safe work environment. That means that you can’t just focus on the aftermath of poor choices. You… Read more

4 Tips for a Safer Warehouse

posted on: Saturday August 6, 2016

Accidents in a warehouse can have devastating consequences for the employees involved as well as the business. In this environment, many dangers are present, so accidents can unfortunately happen frequently. By looking at some of the most likely culprits, though, you can take steps to drastically reduce the likelihood of an accident in your warehouse…. Read more

3 Musts for Productivity in Warehouse and Distribution

posted on: Thursday June 30, 2016

Summer is an interesting time for warehousing, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers (DCs). For some businesses, this is a peak season. For others, now is already time to ramp up for volume during the holidays. Either way, improvements to productivity are always relevant. Here are three things you have to do to accomplish this. Understand… Read more

5 Tips for Super-Efficient Picking

posted on: Friday June 24, 2016

Take a moment to consider the ease and speed of your picking process. Could it be more efficient? For most, the answer is “yes.” Think about how SKUs are organized. Note the equipment you’re using, where it’s stored, and who can operate it. Estimate how long it takes for pickers to move product. What takes… Read more

Using Forklifts to Push is a Mistake that can Cost you a Fortune

posted on: Wednesday June 1, 2016

We are all well aware that the purpose of forklifts is to lift. Manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers all use them for this exact purpose. However, these machines are so powerful that it seems practical to use them to replace other strenuous manual labor, like pushing. Even when facility managers don’t encourage that practice, drivers… Read more

How to Identify Problems in your Warehouse

posted on: Friday February 19, 2016

When things go wrong in your warehouse, are you solving the problem or just the symptom? Often times the actual source of the problem is overlooked, and any solution you implement is like putting a Band-Aid on it. This obviously enables the issue to not only recur, but also get bigger. Can you afford to… Read more

Unclogging Bottlenecks: Distribution Center Packing Stations

posted on: Tuesday January 12, 2016

Packing stations have evolved over the years, and smart changes to them have added to lean and just-in-time manufacturing. Packing stations used to be no more than a few tables set up between picking and shipping zones. Little thought was put into these areas and the impact they have on throughput. With the advent of… Read more