Employers: Safety Improvements Worth up to $10,000 Grant in Minnesota

posted on: Wednesday July 27, 2016

Xpress SingledrevaIf you’re looking to update your facility with safety improvements, you could be eligible for up to $10,000 of assistance from the state of Minnesota.

Safety improvement programs typically pay for themselves in the end, especially in manufacturing environments. However, assistance in bearing the burden of the initial cost can help these projects move along. For qualifying Minnesota employers, that assistance could be to the tune of $10,000.

The Safety Grant Program from the Workplace Safety Consultation was announced by the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry. It awards up to $10,000 to qualifying employers to fund projects that are designed to reduce the risk of injury and illness to their workers. If there are more qualified applicants than there is availability of funds, priority is awarded to:

  • Projects impacting facilities that provide goods production, manufacturing, or processing jobs for a considerable portion of workers in the area
  • Projects for sites where jobs are in jeopardy or have been lost as a result of safety issues that are resolved in the proposal
  • Businesses that are within the current focus of the Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation strategic plan and Minnesota OSHA Compliance strategic plan

Employers have to meet the following conditions to qualify for the grant:

  • Possess workers’ compensation insurance
  • Must fall under the jurisdiction of MN OSHA
  • A qualified safety professional has performed and on-site inspection complete with a written report and recommendations based on the inspection
  • The project is consistent with those recommendations and reduces the identified risk of injury or disease to employees
  • The employer has both the experience and knowledge to complete the project as well as a commitment to its implementation
  • Employer has to be able to match the grant money awarded, and all the estimated costs have to be covered
  • The project has to comply with applicable federal, state, and local regulations; it must also be supported by all public entities involved

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