Equipment investment may be your best law suit protection.

posted on: Thursday December 27, 2012

We came across an interesting article in the “Madison-St. Clair Record”.

It is about a lawsuit filed against a Union Pacific because they allegedly failed to provide an adequate ergonomic program.  The lack of ergonomic measures by Union Pacific resulted in the numerous injuries the employee suffered because of the nature of his work.   Apparently there was no single incident of trauma that could be identified as an industrial accident, but injuries were sustained over a long period of time.

The article is just one of many lawsuits across America that deals with work place policies and programs that cause ergonomics-related injuries.    Manual pushing or pulling even a modest amount of weight over a long period of time can cause leg and back injuries.   Relying on manual material movement is not only less efficient, but puts a business at a higher risk of lawsuits due to long-term wear on the body.

The best insurance against an ergonomic injury law suit is to have sound, proactive safety program in place and investing in appropriate material handling equipment when possible.