Five Ways Electric Tugs Have Improved the Warehouse

posted on: Wednesday November 28, 2012

Human beings want to work smarter. We want more done in less time for less money. We also don’t want to break ourselves to get the job done. In loadmovermanual material handling (MMH), the power tugger has proven to be an effective work-smarter tool. Purposed for a variety of tasks in many industries, power tuggers are especially popular in MMH. Here are a few simple yet significant reasons why.

Less Work in Progress – There are a number of reasons power tugs help WIP: A) no one needs special training to use one. Anyone can transport material to and from assembly lines, trucks, and workstations. B) They can move heavier loads than a forklift. C) They can pull multiple loads. Carts can be set up as trains and easily pulled throughout the warehouse. Product is made readily available at every station.

Greater Efficiency – Simply put, a power tug does more work than other equipment. It can transport bigger, heavier loads in one trip than a forklift or motorized cart. It is easily operated and maneuvered. It can take on a number of tasks, and it doesn’t require much space to store. It truly does more work in less time.

Prevents Injury – MMH annually reports more work-related injuries than most other industries. Power tugs replace some of the riskiest work tasks. Pushing and pulling account for a huge chunk of work-related injuries; they are also amongst the most serious. Power tugs do the pushing and pulling (including starting and stopping) for you. The operator uses less effort to move product and can make fewer trips. This helps prevent fatigue, another common reason for injury. Forklifts have a nasty track record when it comes to onsite injuries. Power tugs are often used to replace forklifts, so all of those risks are completely eliminated.

Prevents Damage – Product damage is far less likely with a power tug than a forklift or cart. The gained visibility alone reduces the likelihood of damaging a load (or person.) The maneuverability creates more stability when making sharp or awkward turns. The tuggers are powerful and provide a smooth ride, reducing tip-overs and product jolting. Product can stay on a cart and be tugged to a workstation, so the overall opportunity for damage is minimized.

Spend Less, Make More – Based on the first four points, it’s pretty obvious that the cost to run a warehouse is noticeably less when implementing a power tugger (or tuggers). Less WIP, greater efficiency, fewer injuries and less damaged product equals more profit. There’s more good news. Not only is the initial investment of a tugger less than other equipment (like a forklift), but also maintenance is tremendously less expensive. Overall, the functionality, cost, and safety of these products spare a lot of expenses.

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