Greater Productivity and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry

posted on: Friday December 28, 2012

Alcohol, food processing, and restaurants usually come to mind when discussing the food and beverage industry. This vast enterprise also includes things like baby food and concessions.  For the most part, it is fast-paced. In addition to keeping up with high consumer demand, food and beverages are perishable. As a result, the industry experiences an exceptional amount of waste. Whether it be a spill, mishandled product, expired goods, or improper storage, these products are especially susceptible to “damage.” Meeting demand while following proper health guidelines can create some tricky situations.

With so many processes automated, the most critical components here are manual jobs. Whether it’s a cart of ready-to-serve meals or large orders of packaged food, people need to move product from point A to B as fast as possible. However, often times A to B includes a lot of maneuvering. Additionally, even a full cart of food to restock concessions is heavy. The people who are pushing the full carts are continually wearing down their bodies. This creates a safety issue for both the employee and the product. The worker becomes fatigued and rushed; they compromise body mechanics and handle the carts more recklessly. The safest, most productive way to speed up this process is with a motorized tool.

The Load Mover is an excellent example of such a tool. Power tugs like theirs are used in many industries because of their ability to handle heavy loads in tight spaces. For the food and beverage employee, it can help in many ways:

  • Safely push and pull anything on wheels. It has custom attachments to fit a wide variety of apparatuses. The Load Mover is durable, sturdy, and rides smoothly. By pushing/pulling a cart from the bottom, the cart is also far less likely to tip or crash; this spares a lot of waste and extra time.
  • Move more product in one trip. Since it can pull so much weight, carts can be attached to each other to create a train.
  • Easily maneuver turns. The Load Mover is not only small, but it also has a swivel arm that allows it to safely make even awkward turns. It is much easier for an employee to turn a cart around a corner with a power tug. Not only does it do all the heavy work, the person has better visibility.
  • Operated by anyone. Unlike a forklift, a person need not be specially trained to operate a Load Mover. These products also have the best safety features on the market.
  • Prevent work-related injury. Pushing and pulling are known to create a multitude of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace. By mechanizing this physical labor, employees are neither at risk of developing MSDs nor excess fatigue.

The cost of these Load Movers is a very reasonable investment. Businesses that have implemented them have experienced greater productivity, less work in progress, less product damage, and fewer accidents. Many people have also found more than one application for the Load Mover. It can be used for everything from stocking to disposal. Ultimately, these businesses have boosted profit as a result of implementing the Load Mover.

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