Making Life Easier and More Productive in Manual Material Handling

posted on: Friday January 18, 2013

Every successful business owner knows that profits are not exclusively dependent on the consumer. While people do need to actually buy the product or service being sold, a business also needs to manage loss. Loss comes in many forms, including workman’s compensation, work in progress, damage to product, and lost hours to name a few. Advancements in technology have helped solve many of these problems. One product that is making its way into many industries is the powered tug. This tug, built by companies like Load Mover Inc., allows more material to be moved in one ergonomically-safe trip. It minimizes the risk of injury, decreases work in progress, and increases production.

A Load Mover tug is built to replace any variety of pushing and pulling tasks. It has a sturdy base that houses enough power to move between 1,000 and 50,000 pounds depending on the unit. It is built not to tip, has an adjustable handle, and has a front wheel on a swivel arm for easy maneuvering. This simple yet profound idea is proving useful everywhere from the warehouse to the home. Here are some industries that are benefiting from the tug:

  • Food and beverage – be it to a prep area, bar, concessions, or buffet table, the power tug safely hastens the delivery of goods where they are needed. It fits through narrow walkways like a dolly, but handles more weight without straining the handler.
  • Hospitality – any business catering to thousands of people at a time depends on each employee to do a lot in as short a time as possible. Carts loaded with linens, food, or cleaning supplies quickly become too heavy for one person to push.  A Load Mover tug allows a single person to easily transport a heavily-loaded cart. It is also small and agile enough to fit in an elevator with the cart. One person can get more done in one trip.
  • Hospitals – there are so many pushing and pulling tasks in hospitals that this industry consistently leads all others in work-related injuries. Nurses, nursing aids, and orderlies do most of the work as they move beds, equipment, medications, and more. Additionally, people move heavy linen carts and garbage bins each day. A Load Mover attaches to anything with wheels, allowing an employee of any size to effortlessly transport people and items. The tug also has enough power to easily start and stop on carpet.
  • Manufacturing – timely delivery of materials greatly affects work in progress. The Load Mover delivers a lot of items in one trip and then can easily detach from one cart to hook onto another. Delivery from one station to the next from beginning to end is smooth and efficient.
  • Trucking – loading and unloading a truck is made safer and easier with a Load Mover. Its wheels prevent slipping on ramps. Its power helps the operator maintain perfect control on heavy loads. More work is accomplished with less strain.
  • Warehouses – the powered tug plays a key role in the forklift-free movement. The investment and upkeep for a Load Mover is a fraction of the cost and upkeep on a forklift. By linking carts together like a train, the tug can actually move more product in one trip than a forklift. It is also safer for both the person operating the tug and the products being transported.

Just by changing the way materials are transported, businesses have significantly increased profit and morale. Load Mover Inc has improved the powered tug so that it is safer, easier to use, and more versatile. The industries listed above are a sample of those that are successfully utilizing a powered tug. For information on how your company can benefit from a Load mover, visit