Pushing a Cart? Pushing your Luck.

posted on: Monday January 2, 2017

blacked-outMeet Joe. He’s a respectable, hard-working guy who does his job well.
Here you see one of the many things he does every day – push a cart filled with units to get from one place to another. Having a cart makes his job easier, right? He can move more units at a time, and pushing is better than carrying them around. Or is it?

Even empty, that cart probably has a “Draw-bar Pull” of 10 – 20 lbs. That is the amount of horizontal force (push/pull) it takes him to get the cart moving on every empty load. It’s significantly more when the cart is full. Yes, moving a wheeled cart is preferable to carrying pieces one at a time, but see his posture? That’s not the kind of posture or effort that is good on the body all day five days a week. That posture and effort don’t just lead to soreness. They can lead to chronic pain and injury. So even with a great tool that’s helpful for productivity, it is not the best for Joe.

In addition, what is in his line of sight? Over half of his visibility is compromised with the cart in the way. There’s no real way to correct it by himself. He is putting himself and others at risk with this large of a blind spot.

This scenario is all too common in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Tools meant to enhance productivity endanger the wellbeing of the employees. The effort it takes to do this job also causes productivity to decline throughout the day. There’s no way the body can resist fatigue doing that job. Add the hours up year after year, and one day Joe won’t be able to push that cart at all.

The simplest way to eliminate the risk of injury and safety hazards is to use a cart pusher. You can quickly attach a cart to a battery-powered tug and alleviate both of your problems. The tug provides the muscle, eliminating any strain on the worker. It also allows the operator to maintain a neutral posture and easily control  the load with just his thumb. Tugging the cart also gives you 360 degree visibility, so you don’t endanger yourself or others. By and large, it is the simplest, most practical tool any manual material handler can use for pushing and pulling-related jobs.

How do you know what kind of tugger you’d need? Load Mover Inc. will help you figure out your “Draw-bar Pull” so you can choose the right equipment for the job. We are field experts who understand your process and how the equipment works with it. We can also explain how to get more moved in each load so that you truly increase productivity without posing any risks to your employees. Call us at 952-767-1720 or email info@loadmoverinc.com.