Safer Solution for Beverage Delivery Truck Drivers

posted on: Thursday April 3, 2014

Delivering beverages is extremely hard on the body. Truck driving in itself is an ergonomic disaster. Sitting for long periods of time shorten the hip flexor muscles, which in turn can cause pain and weakness in the low back. Stacking and moving heavy product is already a job that can result in injury. If the low back is compromised, a delivery person is exposed to serious injury risks when loading and unloading his or her truck.

According to OSHA, there are many ergonomic hazards for those working in the beverage delivery industry. To name a few:

  • Torso bending and awkward postures – loading and unloading trucks requires a lot of bending for drivers. Depending on how product is stacked, drivers sometimes have to use awkward postures to reach items. Maneuvering dollies around stacks and along the route path can also cause a driver to bend or move awkwardly.
  • Handling dollies on inclines, declines, and uneven surfaces – whether moving a dolly on or off a truck or getting it in and out of a site, drivers rarely get a flat, straight path from truck to drop-off. When a driver has to push a dolly up an incline, he has to lower the angle of the load, thereby increasing the amount of weight he has to lift. A similar thing happens when controlling the speed of a dolly going downhill or pushing it over an uneven surface. Operating a hand truck in this way increases the likelihood of injury as well as product damage.
  • Maneuvering tight or awkward turns – whether using a hand truck or manually carrying a load, the driver varies his speed, force, and sometimes center of gravity to move around corners and through pathways. It takes a lot of physical effort to start and stop as well as “shimmy” through a narrow pathway with heavy product.

All of these issues are relevant in the beverage delivery industry whether the product comes in 12-ounce cans or 15.5-gallon kegs. Fortunately, there is an easier way to move units from the truck to the facility.

Small power tugs, like the Xpress Load Mover, eliminate all the strain of pushing and pulling, even on inclines an uneven surfaces. Built to move 1,000 pounds or less, the Xpress attaches to any cart or platform with wheels. The tug does not require any special training to operate. The operator can easily control the speed of the load as he or she effortlessly “drives” it out of the truck, over the threshold, and into the unloading area.

The Load Mover is built to handle tight, awkward turns. So long as the cart can fit and turn through the pathway, the tug can pull it through with no extra strain to the operator.

Using a cart or the 4-wheel platform option on a dolly allows drivers to keep loads closer to the ground. Pulling the cart with the Load Mover makes it possible to move more units in one trip. This spares the driver of a lot of fatigue. The process is far more efficient and productive with a Load Mover.

Beverage delivery truck drivers can use all the ergonomic help they can get. The Xpress Load Mover is a perfect solution to the physical strain that unloading a truck causes. For more information on Load Mover Inc. products, search this site, email, or call 952-767-1720.