Take a Load Off: Unloading the Truck Without Damage or Injury

posted on: Friday January 4, 2013

Loading and unloading trucks is a vital part of nearly every industry. The success of a business depends on this process happening safely, timely, and efficiently. A well-organized coordinator will help hasten the process, but the right tools can make all the difference. Dollies and forklifts are not the safest, most efficient way of loading and unloading a truck. Here are some issues that handlers still face:

  • Personal Safety – employees risk both immediate and repetitive stress injuries. Maneuvering a dolly on a ramp can be very tricky, especially if the ramp is at all slippery.   If the dolly is overloaded to reduce the number of trips, it is also more likely to tip, allow product to slip off, or cause the person pushing it to lose control of it. The safest practices of pushing a dolly can still lead to musculoskeletal disorders when performed day after day.  Forklifts create even more hazards. There are documented fatalities from forklifts unloading trucks.
  •  Efficiency – Forklifts can move more product in one trip, but because it’s moved in the air, it isn’t the safest option. Additionally, only certified personnel can operate a forklift. WIP can build up while waiting on a forklift. Dollies can only take so much at a time. Flipping the dolly to be horizontal allows more product to be transported, but it slows down the handler. They are awkward and harder to maneuver that way.
  • Product damage – All of the hazards mentioned above may potentially cause product destruction. Boxes can fall and glass can smash into things. If a person loses his grip on the dolly handle, an entire load of product can be destroyed.

A better alternative to a dolly or forklift is a powered tug.  It has the grip, strength, and control to easily move product. The Load Mover “XPRESS” is an excellent example of a tug used to unload trucks. Here is how it alleviates the problems above:

  • Personal Safety – The Load Mover does the pushing and pulling work, so the stress of manual handling is significantly reduced. Its ergonomic design also allows the handler to operate it in a neutral position. All MSD risk factors related to pushing and pulling a dolly (or just carrying boxes) are practically eliminated. The wheels won’t slip on surfaces like other cart wheels, so maintaining control is easier. The load is also kept close to the ground, so the chance of a pile toppling and hurting someone is extremely slim.
  • Efficiency – The Load Mover pushes or pulls anything on wheels. Not only can more product be transported on one cart, but also carts can be hooked together to create a train. Far more product can be transported to and from the truck than a dolly or forklift can accomplish in one trip.
  • Product damage – Again, with the load set close to the ground, toppling is not an issue. Also, the Load Mover easily maneuvers around corners and awkward turns. The likelihood of a box banging into something or sliding off the top of the pile is minimal.

Powered tugs like the load Mover are becoming more popular because companies are reporting excellent results. Cost due to injury or product damage is reduced. Productivity is higher. Employees are healthier and happier. To make unloading a truck easier on you or your employee, visit https://www.loadmoverinc.com/ for details.