Too Old to Push Carts: Easier Manufacturing for Today’s Workforce

posted on: Monday May 9, 2016

Xpress SingledrevaThe manufacturing industry saw this problem coming long ago. We knew we would hit a time when we had plenty of jobs and few people to fill them. The Baby Boomers are nearing retirement, and we don’t have enough skilled applicants to replace them. The manufacturing workforce is getting older, and if we don’t adjust the work to fit their capabilities, they won’t be able to remain productive or healthy.

This is what one of our clients was experiencing when they came to us for a solution. The employees move heavy molds on die carts. They use a forklift or hoist to lift the die and set it on a die cart. From here, two workers have to push the cart from the lift station to the machine that installs it into the injection-molding machine. Every time they set up to run a new plastic production part, they have to swap out the dies in the molding machine.

This client explained, “We are all in our 40s and 50s, and we are getting too old to push these carts.”

Does this sound familiar?

The beauty of our solution was that it didn’t just allow two people to easily push the die carts; an electric powered tug transforms that task into an easy one-man job.

By using the electric tug to do the work, there is minimal effort in pushing or pulling. One unit can overcome the “Draw-bar pull” requirements to keep a cart moving and stop the cart without strain to the operator. To operate an electric powered tug requires no special certification, and it’s ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of injury. A cart and tug system isn’t just a solution for aging manual laborers. It’s perfect for:

  • New or temporary employees who have little work experience
  • Management by Walking Around
  • Reducing the use of forklifts
  • Just-in-Time workflow
  • Turning other multi-person jobs into one-man jobs
  • Limiting the risk of injury in any pushing/pulling task
  • Increase in production efficiency

In certain applications, a tug can pull a train of carts, which improves productivity significantly. This is typically referred to as a “Milk run”. A train of carts that are loaded with production parts can go from station to station and replenish the work cells. The benefits of these systems are numerous, typically resulting in a high ROI.

Load Mover, Inc. understands the manufacturing industry and product flow. We can identify whether an electric tug will benefit your employees and your bottom line. Our experts will help you determine your “Draw-bar pull” requirements so you know exactly what kind of unit to consider. If you need an easy solution to any pushing or pulling job, reach out today: 952-767-1720;