Wasting Man Power to Push a Cart?

posted on: Thursday May 12, 2016

Are you pulling workers from their jobs to assist with pushing heavy loads throughout production? Spare the time and money with a smart solution.

xtralargeManufacturers see this issue all the time. Parts or product need to be repeatedly moved from one area to another and the load is so heavy that it requires several people to stop what they’re doing and help push the load. Do this over and over again, and you have quite the kink in your productivity chain. Additionally, the employees are likely straining themselves to move the load. This is by no means a safe or efficient way to accomplish work.

Two common times you might see this are when moving pieces in and out of a painting station and/or blast booth. You might have a long cart on rails that is capable of holding numerous fabrications. It’s productive when employees can get a lot moved in one load, but if they have to pull five guys off of the production line to move it, the productivity loss is greater than the gain.

In a situation like this, the perfect solution would be one where the load can remain the same size and be easily moved by just one person. Fortunately, this solution does exist.

Whether a cart is mobile or on a track, an electric powered tug minimizes the man power needed to push it. The tug is a powerful and compact unit designed to overcome the “Draw-bar pull” of heavy loads. The tug can be equipped with whatever attachments you need for your particular cart system. Any employee can operate the unit without special training or certification. One operator simply attaches the tug to a fully-loaded cart and effortlessly transports the entire load without strain.

Electric powered tugs are quite practical. Manufacturers often find other ways to use them to maximize manpower. Carts can be linked together to form a train and pulled behind one tug, for example. This can get a lot more moved in less time by just one person. It spares employees the risk of strain or injury, too. Workers’ compensation claims are reduced when strenuous pushing and pulling is replaced with a power tug.

Load Mover Inc. makes safe, durable power tugs with customizable attachments. We will help you determine your “Draw-bar pull” to identify which unit works best for your application. If you’re looking to optimize your man hours and stop expending man power on pushing carts, let us know: 952-767-1720; info@loadmoverinc.com.