What Is The Number One Cause Of Workman Compensation Injuries?

posted on: Monday January 14, 2013

According to Brian Mittman, an attorney for a firm that specializes in workplace injuries, the number one cause of workman compensation injuries is overexertion.  This includes heavy or excessive lifting, pulling, pushing, and carrying.   Any job that requires repeated movements of any weight of material is at risk for this type of injury.

Workman compensation insurance rates vary by state, industry , and the historical safety record of the employer.  Of these criteria, the aspect an employer has the most control over is its safety record.   Many employers seem to believe that workplace accidents are random and really out of their control.  In reality, employers who are serious about safety and spend resources in accident prevention are rewarded with lower accident rates and ultimately lower insurance rates.

In California, the average workman compensation claim is around $70,000.   The average cost of compensation insurance is 2.5 to 3.5% of payroll. That average includes all businesses, so if your business involves heavy material handling, your cost goes up.   A medium sized company that has an annual payroll of 10,000,000 can pay between $250,000 and $350,000 dollars per year in workman comp premiums.  This does not include costs from when a skilled worker is idled due to an injury.  These costs include additional training, overtime, and bringing in temporary staff; none of which is covered by insurance.   The bottom line is: investing resources in reducing workplace injuries is smart economics.   We at Load Mover Inc believe that well designed and constructed tuggers and pullers can greatly reduce the stress and strain on your work force.