MMH Solutions: The Amazing Powered Tug

posted on: Monday December 3, 2012

Every industry from healthcare to manufacturing requires some heavy pushing and pulling. The science behind ergonomic alternatives to these tasks involves many factors. In 2001, Darcor put out a manual that covers these factors in great detail. Its purpose is to help companies choose equipment that best meets their needs. The manual also includes a… Read more

Forklift-Free: Dangers of Forklifts and Benefits of Conversion

posted on: Thursday November 29, 2012

Over 94,000 people are injured in forklift accidents every year.  If you Google “forklift accidents,” you can find several videos offering a front-row seat to what some of these accidents look like. One clip that is highlighted in all videos shows shelves full of product crashing to the ground as two forklift operators are buried… Read more

Five Ways Electric Tugs Have Improved the Warehouse

posted on: Wednesday November 28, 2012

Human beings want to work smarter. We want more done in less time for less money. We also don’t want to break ourselves to get the job done. In manual material handling (MMH), the power tugger has proven to be an effective work-smarter tool. Purposed for a variety of tasks in many industries, power tuggers… Read more

Pushing is a Pain

posted on: Friday November 16, 2012

If you’re pushing product or parts around a warehouse floor all day, you’re probably sore when you get home. If you’ve been doing the same job for years, soreness may have graduated to pain. It may be a burning pain in one of your muscles or an unexpected shooting pain as soon as you move… Read more

“Backbone of Minnesota”: Manufacturing Dangers and Costs

posted on: Friday September 28, 2012

The national annual cost of occupational injuries and illnesses is billions more than the costs of all cancers, diabetes, and strokes*. The estimated cost of nonfatal occupation injuries for 2010 (the most recent available data) was $196 billion. Of that, $53 billion came out of workers’ compensation specifically for musculoskeletal injuries**. These are the injuries… Read more

Safe Moving For Manual Material Handlers

posted on: Monday September 24, 2012

Manual material handling is not for everyone. It takes organization, focus, and a very strong work ethic. Manual material handling (MMH) is repetitive and laborious. It is also dangerous; MMH is consistently included amongst the most likely jobs to result in illness or injury. In other words, finding the right person for the job is… Read more