Don’t overlook material handling for cost reduction opportunities

posted on: Monday March 11, 2013

Most manufacturing companies are in the process of on-going cost reduction.  In this competitive environment there is no other choice if any company wishes to survive.   One of the biggest opportunities for cost reduction could be your material handling system.  Yet many companies are ignoring material handling and focusing on direct manufacturing operations. Material handling… Read more

Can you implement lean manufacturing without a safety/ ergonomic program?

posted on: Monday February 18, 2013

There was a theory in process improvement called “loose ropes”.   It means that all the different entities of your systems are “connected”.  You can work on one element for some improvement, but eventually one of the other aspects of will drag on the progress and need to be addressed. For example, you may embark on… Read more

How Can an Average-Sized Company Benefit from Toyota’s Cost Reduction Initiative?

posted on: Tuesday January 29, 2013

Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky (TMMK) made a big splash in the world of Manual Material Handling last year. By converting manual tuggers and implementing Automated Guided Carts and Vehicles, the plant was able to yield some impressive results. Their initiative can act as a model for other plants that are looking to reduce costs… Read more

Power Tuggers Make the Difference in Meat Packing Plant

posted on: Monday January 21, 2013

The beauty of ergonomics is that some of the simplest solutions make such giant impacts in the workforce. Volumes of stories show that by increasing safety, injuries and days away from work decrease, productivity increases, profits go up, and morale is boosted. Plants and warehouses have implemented a variety of life-changing equipment and automated devices…. Read more

Making Life Easier and More Productive in Manual Material Handling

posted on: Friday January 18, 2013

Every successful business owner knows that profits are not exclusively dependent on the consumer. While people do need to actually buy the product or service being sold, a business also needs to manage loss. Loss comes in many forms, including workman’s compensation, work in progress, damage to product, and lost hours to name a few…. Read more

Take a Load Off: Unloading the Truck Without Damage or Injury

posted on: Friday January 4, 2013

Loading and unloading trucks is a vital part of nearly every industry. The success of a business depends on this process happening safely, timely, and efficiently. A well-organized coordinator will help hasten the process, but the right tools can make all the difference. Dollies and forklifts are not the safest, most efficient way of loading… Read more

Greater Productivity and Safety in the Food and Beverage Industry

posted on: Friday December 28, 2012

Alcohol, food processing, and restaurants usually come to mind when discussing the food and beverage industry. This vast enterprise also includes things like baby food and concessions.  For the most part, it is fast-paced. In addition to keeping up with high consumer demand, food and beverages are perishable. As a result, the industry experiences an… Read more

A Most Useful Device in the Healthcare Industry

posted on: Thursday December 20, 2012

On any given day, a single nurse is estimated to lift 1.8 accumulated tons in one shift. The nursing industry is consistently at the top of the list for most work-related injuries. In addition to lifting, the nursing industry requires a lot of pushing. It’s for this reason that even with mechanical devices to help… Read more

Are forklifts becoming the dinosaurs of material moving?

posted on: Monday December 17, 2012

General Mills once stated that their greatest material handling cost was product damage due to forklift handling.    In the old manufacturing mentality, bigger was better.   Large forklifts moving heavy loads of material was seen as the most efficient way for intra plant material movement.   Today, smaller is better.   Lot sizes are smaller; delivery sizes are… Read more

When all you have is a forklift… everything looks like a pallet

posted on: Wednesday December 12, 2012

Did you know that in the US there is a forklift fatality every 3 days?  There are also 95,000 non-fatal forklift related injuries a year.  Businesses are now spending thousands of dollars per year on forklift training and education.   Many businesses require certification for their forklift drivers.   We applaud the efforts to improve forklift safety.    … Read more